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  • Only raw, naturally grown coconuts

    We use coconuts grown on plantations on remote islands that are free from Fiji emissions.The most ripe coconuts are carefully picked by hand and the oil is extracted within 24 hours after harvest.す。

  • Oil extracted for skin care

    Loroma extracts oil with a unique filtration method using steam for skin care.。

    No chemicals such as parabens or preservatives are used in the process of extracting the coconut oil.。

  • Award Winner

    ・Eco excellence awards 2021

    ・Mum's choice awards 2021

    ・Nappa award 2021

All-in-one protection and moisturizing for the whole body

You can take care of your whole body such as hair, body, face, and nails.きます。

Suppresses the original scent of coconut for skin care.The faint coconut scent also has a relaxing effect.す。

for baby care

・baby oil

・For moisturizing the baby's whole body

・as a baby massage oil

・Stretch mark prevention oil for pregnant women

No parabens or preservatives are used, so you can protect and moisturize the whole body of a newborn baby.ます。

Take care of your whole body with the power of nature.

Nutrients of natural ingredients can protect the whole body. Lauric acid, which is said to be the most abundant plant in the natural world, has antioxidant and antibacterial effects and has the power to protect the whole body.ります。